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Mar. 29th, 2015


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Dec. 22nd, 2012


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Jul. 13th, 2008


[Hetalia Fic]

First Hetalia fic ever written. Not the best thing I've done, but at least I'm doing something, as opposed to sitting around waiting for someone to write a fic. Contains rambling prose and possibly a remote hint of slash.
Title: Reconciling Life, and Life-Not
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Character(s) or Pairing(s): US, UK, not necessarily a pairing, not necessarily not.
Rating: G
Summary: Vignette, angst maybe? Is about the Revolutionary War, and was originally meant for Independence Day celebrations. What Alfred might've been thinking, and the pitfalls of living practically forever.

First time, second time, rain, freedomCollapse )

Oct. 26th, 2007


[Ficlet][Baccano!], Untitled

Not concrete enough to be named, la.
Characters : Keith, Luck, mentions of Firo and Berga.
Genre : Crack
Summary : Set in the year of Firo's canonical wedding, everything else is made up because Wikipedia doesn't have it and I can't be arsed. Also only managed to watched to Episode 5 and read spoilers for the flashbacks, so there'll probably be some mistakes. May be misleading.

First the horses, then the cobblestones, and then you get Microsoft.Collapse )

Sep. 26th, 2007


[Fic] [Code Geass] Junk Pile #2 - Sleeping Beauty

I have always connected CG with Sleeping Beauty, which was made obvious in A Place for Birds, and this is possibly why. (If you can follow my brain's logic. I'm not sure I can.)

Not that it matters, but pairing in question is CC-->Lelouch-->Suzaku, and since Lelouch has to turn 17 in winter 2016, as he's 17 in summer 2017, he turned 11 in 2010.

Crack #2, Sleeping BeautyCollapse )

Sep. 1st, 2007


[Fic] [Phoenix Wright] Randomly Edgeworth Anggggst

I wrote this a year ago, actually. A 20 facts-lines-paragraphs-points-whatever for Edgeworth---though, in this case, it's 'Mitsurugi'. I realize they're pretty much interchangeable, but the game actually made a bit more sense in Japanese, so it gets stuck there.

Ikura. Salmon Eggs.Collapse )

Jul. 27th, 2007



"A lion and a snake...I wonder where I've seen that before," was my first thought upon seeing the Britannian flag.

Now I just happened to see the Hogwarts crest, and I know why.

Writing resolutions, little thoughts

This is actually a rant, but it's about ficcing and my fanficcing habits, so I think it'll be more comfortable here than in my main journal.

I have a confession.Collapse )

The previously mentioned little thoughts : Seriously, Japanese fen.Collapse )

Lastly, a question to those who read this journal in particular : What do you prefer, shortfics, drabbles, or longfics? Do you want to see drabbles and random crack here, too, or just fics of moderately chewy content?

Jul. 24th, 2007


[Fic] Notes from a Gentler World, CC/Lulu

This is a pretty bad time to be posting things, what with people avoiding both CG and HP spoilers, but I'm not sure if this thing has a point in any case. Just cropped up in my head one morning and refused to leave.

Title: Notes from a Gentler World
Fandom: Code Geass
Pairing: C.C./Lelouch
Rating: G, really.
Summary: What it means to stay with someone to the end, and sometimes, you find a gentle world where you're not looking for it. C.C. vignette, character deaths (of course). May be romantic if you squint. Far, far future, no spoilers for 24/25 (and please do not spoil me if you're kind enough to comment ;_; ).

He held her hand and stared at the ceiling like it was a city of half-remembered stars.Collapse )

Jun. 11th, 2007


Blame it on Defade

Not everyone knows it, but there are three moons in the sky.

The moon we know, called Luna by the ancient Romans, is locked to Earth within the curved tracks of gravity. The other two are Trammel and Felucca, which we have never seen, because they are not chained to Earth but to a place called Sosaria. Three is a special number, however, and sometimes the moons would align themselves unseen as only a group of three can. If you happen to be at the right place at the right time in those nights and you are the right person, you might see a blue, shimmering 'Moongate' rise out of the ground. Many have used them to travel to Sosaria.

Except Sosaria no longer exists.

Approximately four hundred years ago in Sosaria---time flows differently between the three moons---a wizard named Mondain created a tskotche called the Gem of Immortality. Like all the other villainous tskotches that came before it in magical worlds, the Gem of Immortality blew up with some hero's efforts. Unfortunately, the explosion also took much of Sosaria with it and left the world broken. Sosaria's City-states, originally in somewhat maganimous relationships with each other, decided to come to an agreement for the first time. Instead of vying for what little they had left after the breaking of the world, they would join their resources together under the king whose leadership was pivotal in defeating Mondain----a man from across the Moongate who called himself Lord Cantabrigian British.

Sosaria is gone. In its place stands a new country, named 'Britannia' after the homeland of its king.

The new king of Britannia decided to let wisdom guide his reign and split the fiefs and settlements into eight provinces, one for each Virtue he would use to rule : Honour, Valor, Spirituality, Justice, Sacrifice, Compassion, Humility, and finally Honesty. Each comes from a combination of two out of three axioms : Courage, Love, and Truth.

Honesty, a Virtue of pure Truth, was given to a town to be named 'Moonglow', situated on Verity Isle---the redundantly-named Isle of Truth. As time passes, Verity Isle and Moonglow would become Britannia's center of learning and the scholastic arts, with the Lycaeum as the largest library in the realm and a beautiful orrery where the planets themselves can be tracked with intricate gearworks.

And it also has a talking fox. Can't forget the talking fox.


Annnnnnnnd that's the full account of where the name verity_isle came from! Britannia is the main location in the Ultima series of computer RPGs in the pre-Windows days, which is my one true gaming love, and Moonglow is one of my favourite locations. I might even use it if it doesn't sound so cheesy as a username. XD For the most part, I'm just amused that my one true gaming love and my current anime love shares a location name.

PIMPAGE : If you have the time and are interested in old, old RPGs, you might want to check out U7. I still consider it a feat unequaled among RPGs---even counting Japanese ones. Sure, you get existentialist RPGs ala Xenogears-----but do you really get ones where religious belief is dealt with rather smartly (though the new cult is still evil, their members are mostly good), has racism, discrimination against cultural minorities, touches on feminism, serial killing, NEET hippies, environmental exploitation, and sports a seriously good 'interactive objects' system, plus almost every NPC has a story to tell?

We do. But not very many.
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